MSW LPC Code of Conduct Doc.

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The Officers and Members of Merton, Sutton and Wandsworth (MSW) Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPC) are expected to observe the highest standards of impartiality, integrity and objectivity in the performance of the duties of the Local Pharmaceutical Committee both at meetings of the committee and when representing the committee and agree to be bound by the key principles of Good Governance listed below.


  1. Selflessness

The members of the Committee have a general duty to act in the best interests of the Community Pharmacies in Merton, Sutton, and Wandsworth as a whole. They should not do so to gain financial or other material benefits for themselves or their friends.


  1. Integrity

The members of the LPC Committee:

  • should not place themselves under any financial or other obligation to outside individuals or organisations that might seek to influence them in the performance of their role
  • should, as well as avoiding actual impropriety, avoid any appearance of improper behaviour
  • should avoid accepting gifts and hospitality that might reasonably be thought to influence their judgement


  1. Objectivity

In carrying out their role, including deciding on LPC Committee appointments, awarding contracts, or transacting other business, members of the LPC Committee should ensure that decisions are made solely on merit.


  1. Accountability

The members of the Committee:

  • are accountable for their decisions and actions to the Contractors in MSW and must submit themselves to scrutiny as appropriate to their role


  1. Openness

The members of the Committee:

  • should ensure that confidential material, including that about individuals, is handled with due care
  • should be as open as possible about their decisions and the actions they take and give reasons for their decisions; and restrict access to information only when the wider interest clearly demands



  1. Honesty

The members of the LPC Committee:

  • have a duty to declare any interests relating to their Committee role and to take steps to resolve any conflicts that may arise
  • must resolve any conflict between his/her private interests and his/her LPC Committee duties in favour of the LPC Committee role
  • must make relevant declarations of interest in their different roles both within and outside the LPC


  1. Leadership

The members of the LPC Committee:

  • should promote and support good governance by leadership and example
  • must always be respectful to fellow members


  1. Confidentiality

The members of the LPC Committee:

  • promote and support the principle of open and transparent decision- making, and will be happy to talk about any aspect of the LPC operation
  • shall respect the LPCs need for confidentiality if it arises and will not share details of sensitive discussions outside LPC Committee meetings


  1. Conduct and behaviour

The members of the LPC Committee:

  • must respect the ideas and input of fellow LPC Committee members
  • challenge fellow LPC Committee members’ views and statements in a constructive, polite, and informed manner – challenge the idea, not the person
  • seek to influence decision-making within formal meetings, and not try to force the process by arranging improper pressure either from within the committee or through external means


If members of the LPC Committee feel that:

  • a member’s behaviour at meetings is unacceptable, or
  • the member is bringing the organisation into disrepute through actions or statements made outside meetings, or
  • the member is disrupting or subverting democratic decision-making processes.


the member may be asked to leave the Committee following investigations conducted by the governance committee.








Responsibilities as a board member


Below is a list of responsibilities each board member is required to fulfil.

Each member of the LPC Committee:


  • must play a full and active role in the work of the committee and should fulfil their duties and responsibilities responsibly and, always, act in good faith and in the best interests of the LPC.


  • must promote an inclusive and diverse culture within the LPC, and their actions should help create an environment where different perspectives and backgrounds are encouraged and valued.


  • must not harass, bully, or act inappropriately towards or discriminate towards others. Such behaviour is not consistent with what is expected of a board member and will not be tolerated.


  • must respect the principle of collective decision-making and corporate responsibility. This means that, once the board has decided, each member must support that decision.


Raising concerns


Each member should ensure that the LPC has an open, transparent, and safe working environment where members feel able to speak up and raise concerns.


  • If a member has a concern about a possible breach of this code, or a concern about misconduct or wrongdoing in any other area, then each member has a responsibility to raise this internally with the governance committee.




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