LPC Committee members – details and docs.

Name Position representing Type of contractor Contact Declaration of Interest Docs. Code of conduct agreement
Amit Patel Chief Executive Officer Amit.Patel22@nhs.net
Mayank Patel Chairman Independent Contractor m4ynk@aol.com MSW CODE OF CONDUCT – Mayank Patel
Jaymil Patel Vice Chair Independent Contractor jaymil24@hotmail.com MSW CODE OF CONDUCT – Jamil Patel
Rachna Chattralia Vice Chair AIMp – Day Lewis rachnachhatralia18@gmail.com MSW CODE OF CONDUCT – Rachna chhatralia
Mansukh Sheth Treasurer CCA mansukhsheth@outlook.com DOI treasurer M Sheth
Yogesh Patel CCA LPC-governance-guide-2018 DOI – Y Patel MSW CODE OF CONDUCT – Y Patel
Dina Thakker CCA Dina.Thakker@boots.co.uk MSW CODE OF CONDUCT – Dina Thakker
Harsha Vara Co-opted Independent harshavara59@gmail.com
Jayesh Patel Co-opted Independent jayeshpateljgp@hotmail.com MSW CODE OF CONDUCT – Jayesh Patel
Ravi Vaitha AiMp (Kamsons) ravi.vaitha@kamsons365.co.uk MSW CODE OF CONDUCT – Ravi Vaitha
Sanjay Patel Independent Contractor s4nj4y2k@hotmail.com MSW CODE OF CONDUCT – Sanjay B Patel
Harshad Chavda CCA LPC-governance-guide-2018 DOI – H Chavda MSW CODE OF CONDUCT – H Chavda
Dinesh Patel Independent Contractor mswlpc@compuserve.com MSW CODE OF CONDUCT – Dinesh Patel
Indrajit Patel Independent Contractor & South London PSNC Rep. indrajit_patel@hotmail.com MSW CODE OF CONDUCT – Indrajit Patel
Shilen Kirit Patel Independent Contractor kdsmedicare@googlemail.com MSW CODE OF CONDUCT – Shilen Patel
Sehul Patel Co-opted Sutton Area Pharmacist sehulp@aol.com MSW CODE OF CONDUCT – Sehul Patel
Ash Jari Independent Contractor ash@medipharmacygroup.co.uk MSW CODE OF CONDUCT – Ashish Jari