Antibiotic Awareness






Antimicrobial Resistance and Community Pharmacy 

Antimicrobial resistance is a massive issue, the usefulness of antibiotics is under threat and community pharmacies are ideally placed to give advice to the public about this problem. We should be discouraging them from asking for antibiotics for self-limiting conditions. We are asking our pharmacists to talk to their teams to update their knowledge on when NOT to suggest going to the GP for a prescription. Green snot does not mean get an antibiotic, sore throats are most often viral, green rubbish on the chest doesn’t mean “get antibiotics” unless your patient has COPD so please get the message right and advise people to self treat. Check out the attached leaflet that GPs are using to explain to patients why they are not giving them an antibiotic prescription – let’s make sure we are giving the same message. Why not make use of the new Pharmacy First Common Ailments service, which would allow you to supply simple medicines for these conditions and so hopefully reduce the number of patients going to the GP for antibiotics.



Coughs and Colds Booklet for the public

Antibiotic Awareness Day is November 18th and is a European wide initiative. Locally the CCGs have purchased posters that will be sent to pharmacies as well as to GP practices and we ask you to display these in a prominent place. More information is available on the website at


All healthcare professionals are being encouraged to become an Antibiotic Guardian – this is really easy, just visit the website and click on the appropriate link, there are pledges for the public too so why not get the whole team to take the pledge and see if you can get your customers to join in too – it is everyone’s problem after all. You can print out your certificate and display it with pride. The pharmacy LPN and NHSE are hoping to supply every pharmacy with some balloons to emphasise the message so please display your posters and pledges and blow up your balloons so that community pharmacy are part of this massively important campaign and we make a real statement on November 18th.